Craft area update

The last time I showed you my new craft area it was just a sneak peek.  Since then I have added a rug, picture shelving and some accessories.   The rug not only adds interest to the space but will hopefully protect the carpet if disaster strikes, like spilled paint.  It would be easier to replace the rug than the carpet although I really love this rug!

Rug white gray and black

Rug white, gray and black

Shelving for frames

Shelving for frames

The picture shelves are practical and convenient for changing up displays and I don’t have to repair nail holes.  The iron M and crate with collectables are on the same wall.  I still enjoy looking at these little figures and fondly remember my childhood friends that gave them to me.

Craft Storage Space

Craft Storage Space

Craft area with rug

Craft area with rug

Mixing antiques and modern furniture

Mixing antiques and modern furniture

I love how vintage pieces compliment the clean modern surfaces of the new office furniture.   The cola crate is not that old but it is stamped 1974 inside.  My grandmothers lamp is a wonderful addition with beautiful colors like the branches with blossoms on the desk.

I’m glad I have pictures to refer back to, this may be the last time it looks this spotless.

Have  a great weekend!


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