Spring Decorating

Springtime decorating is entertainment for me and I love how rearranging just a few things can lighten the mood.

Of course, before the fun could start I had to do a little spring cleaning.  All the furniture got a good vacuuming and plumping.  This was followed by dusting all the hard surfaces high and low including molding.  Then I turned my attention to the cleaning of the windows and blinds.  I left the washing of the outside windows to the husband, aka window washer, pool boy and lawn man.

Spring decorating

Spring decorating

Living room table

Living room table

First, I turned my attention to the sofa.  Two of the pillows on the sofa are reversible.  The other side is nubby navy linen with three big buttons. This side is stripped with the same color of the sofa which is more serene.   In addition to the pillows, I also switched out accessories; the candle holder on the coffee table and vase filler on the side table.

Trays are one of my favorite accessories and I use them in almost every room. They are also an attractive way to protect a table top or ottoman.   This grouping is very simple with a few shells, a large key and a new orchid. I like how some collectables have more impact when displayed as a group instead of scattered.

Coffee Table Tray

Coffee Table Tray

Mixing elements and textures adds interest to the displays.  On the coffee table I have mixed glass, bamboo, seashells, iron and brass all contained on a large tray with a woven texture.

On the entry table, I have replaced the large urn with a wire basket of sea shells, keeping the arrangement monochromatic.

On to the next room!





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