Feel That Clean Air

Winter is dragging on and my house needs a little greenery.  I went shopping for plants and found exactly what I wanted.  Adding house plants is a worthwhile distraction as I anticipate spring. It will be another month before I can enjoy digging in the garden and ruining my nails.

Plants and flowers are one of the first details I notice when I look at home magazines and decorating books.  Every room needs something living and what room doesn’t look good with a little green.  The plants here are hearty looking and should adjust  to our house very well.

By doing all the messy work in the grassy area of the yard, I didn’t have to worry about cleaning up the potting soil.  Luckily it was warm enough that we didn’t shiver. The plants and I needed a little sun.

First I added a few inches of potting soil to the bottom of the container.  Then I centered the plant on top and added potting soil around the inside edge packing it in layer by layer.  It is important to pack the soil really well, if not you will have to add more soil after watering. I decided to give them a drink once inside, the lily was already big and heavy to carry.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily


Great idea to hide the container inside a bucket

Great idea to hide the container inside a bucket


Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine


Safe spot from wild dogs

Safe spot from wild dogs


The Peace Lily must be one of the easiest plants to grow.  The last lily I had survived 12 years. Amazing!

The Norfolk Island Pine is so pretty and delicate looking. Depending on how fast it grows, I may have to move it to a larger container before long.  It was pure luck that it was just the right size to fit inside the bucket I already had. The galvanized  bucket adds a little interest to the plant.  My dogs like to run through the house so I tucked the plant around the corner in a safe spot.  If you have curious pets or toddlers I would suggest finding a safer place to display your plants.

The air already feels cleaner with the new plants, maybe I should add a couple more.



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